Industrial Hemp Processing

Our aim at Naturea Biomaterials is to support the growth of the hemp industry by providing standardized materials that manufacturers can rely on. We offer innovative hemp processing capabilities that use the whole plant, minimize waste, conserve resources, and guarantee consistent high-quality materials. Our facility is designed to handle all parts of the hemp plant (seed, flower, and fiber).

Industrial HempBiomass separation & classification.

Regardless of the method of cultivation, each hemp plant must be classified and separated to optimize its yield. Our team has created a highly efficient system that separates and sorts the plants into stalks, flower material, and seeds. These materials are then further processed based on their intended use, whether in-house or with our key partnerships.

Commercial HempSeed processing.

We begin by cleaning and sorting seeds for either replanting or further processing. Those that are chosen for further processing are transferred under chain of custody to a controlled storage silo. Seeds that will be consumed are dehulled and deshelled, leaving behind the highly valued hemp hearts. These are collected and cleaned again before being packaged or pressed into hemp seed oil.

We use a highly engineered, high-pressure cold press to extract the oil, resulting in a high-quality food grade oil and hemp seed meal that are both rich in protein. These are ideal for use in functional foods, nutritional supplements, or as dietary replacements.

Commercial HempMilling & Pelletizing.

Manufacturers require reliable and standardized materials to create consistent industrial and commercial goods. To meet the need for commoditized hemp materials, we mill to exact specifications and particle size. This process enables us to create uniformity, suitable for use in a wide range of applications and products, such as hemp concrete, plastics, animal feed, and insulation.

Additionally, our milled material can be pelletized; a process that mitigates dust, simplifies product transportation and storage, and eliminates waste. Pelletizing also allows for a significant level of product customization, meeting specific client requirements and preferences.

  • Our Capabilities

    Naturea Biomaterials facilities are capable of:
    • Milling: 80-120 metric tons per day
    • Pelletizing: 60-100 metric tons per day

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