Our processing capabilities are just over 120 metric tons per day of raw materials, and more than 30 metric tons per day, cumulatively, for food and laboratory processing. Far surpassing any other industrial hemp processors currently operating, we have made it our mission to continue our expansion across North America as we grow the industry. In addition, Naturea Biomaterials has developed a marketplace for industrial hemp-based products to successfully showcase the vast array of items offered.

Patent Pending TechMobilized Processing Technology.

Through our joint venture with United Fiber, we are producing over 120 metric tons of industrial materials every day. By utilizing our proprietary mobilized manufacturing technology, we can guarantee not only the quality but also the frequency of production. Innovations like these are what set us apart as the industry-leading producer of high-quality hemp products.

Milling and Pelletizing

Our state-of-the-art facility allows us to perform processing, milling, sorting, and pelletization all in one primary location. Not only does this simplify the entire process and cut costs, but it also guarantees quality control and product consistency.

  • 25 metric tons per day of milling, sorting, and pelletization
  • 30 metric tons per day of food and laboratory processing

Hemp Micronization & Dehydration

Our exclusive partnership with one of the top specialists in micronization and dehydration of botanicals has made us an industry leader in the fine milling of hemp. This complex process enables the utilization of hemp fibers for innovative applications. With our advanced expertise and technology, we can effectively cater to the increasing demand for hemp in bio-composites and other emerging niche markets.

Handling & Storage of Hemp

We utilize professionally designed processing, handling, and storage equipment to guarantee that our crops are handled with virtually no human contact. By automating as much of the process as possible, we have been able to completely remove the threat of outside contamination, elevating our standards and the expectations of our industry.

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