Applications for Industrial Hemp

Because of its carbon-negative properties, scalability, and versatility, we firmly believe that hemp can revolutionize almost every major market and manufacturer worldwide. We are committed to utilizing every part of the hemp plant during processing to minimize waste and maximize the potential of this valuable resource.

Animal Care

Hemp-derived products offer two distinct applications within the animal care sector. Firstly, hemp serves as a cost-effective solution for animal bedding. Secondly, hemp can be utilized as a natural and nutritious alternative for animal feed.

    • Animal Bedding
    • Animal Feed
    • Kitty Litter


The future of construction is reliant on sustainable building materials, as they not only help to reduce costs and eliminate health risks but also enhance structural properties.

    • Hempcrete
    • Lumber
    • Insulation
    • Industrial Lubricants
    • Large Area 3d Printing
    • Biochar


The incorporation of Hemp Fiber into woven or non-woven materials has demonstrated remarkable success in producing durable and robust products.

    • Rope
    • Clothing
    • Packaging
    • Pulping
    • And more


With the world's focus shifting toward sustainability, bioplastics are set to revolutionize the manufacturing industry. By utilizing hemp as a material input, we can facilitate the shift away from petroleum-based products and establish a more environmentally conscious footprint.


    Deforestation has become a significant global issue, causing a host of problems such as excessive energy and water usage, air pollution, and waste management concerns. However, by utilizing annual carbon-sequestering crops, we can take a step towards mitigating these issues. In particular, hemp proves to be a highly sustainable alternative for paper production.

    Paper is typically produced using trees as the raw material, which can take several years to mature. Hemp, alternatively, grows rapidly and can yield the same amount of pulp as trees do in just a few months. By switching to hemp for paper production, we can take a giant step forward toward building a sustainable tomorrow.


      Hemp Bioplastics have a myriad of applications and numerous automakers are already experimenting with it as an alternative to traditional composites.


        All-natural and unbelievably versatile, hemp is a perfect addition to any organic or holistic beauty product.

          • Makeup
          • Skincare
          • Hair Products
          • Product Packaging

        Herbal Supplements, Food, and Beverages

        Hemp is a rich source of protein, essential omega fatty-acids, amino acids, and other vital nutrients. With its high nutritional value, it serves as an excellent ingredient for herbal supplements, foods, and beverages.

          • De-hulled hemp seeds, a ready to eat ingredient
          • Cereals
          • Beverages
          • Workout Recovery Products
          • Edible Oil, Cooking Oil
          • Salad Dressing

        Soil Amendments

        As traditional soil amendments become increasingly expensive and scarce, the search for viable alternatives has intensified. Hemp serves as an excellent soil additive, providing superior permeability and water retention. It offers a more efficient and eco-friendly substitute for wood mulch, which is time-consuming to produce and environmentally damaging.

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