Hemp Blended Bioplastic Pellets

We currently offer three types of Bioplastic Pellets that are formulated by blending hemp and the following polymers:
  • Polyproperlien
  • Polylactic Acid
  • ABS
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Industrial Hemp provides an excellent opportunity for a sustainable and carbon-negative input source for bioplastics. We blend and standardize several polymers with hemp to create pellets that are ready for commercial and industrial production.

Our bio-plastic solutions are designed based on intent and functionality within different industries. By utilizing our extensive commercial connections, we acquire and manufacture hemp-derived bioplastics tailored to meet the specific requirements of our clients.

Hemp Blended Bioplastic Pellets


Product Housings (Laptop, Gps, Smartphones)

Audio/Video (Mobile Phone Chargers)

Household (Lamps)

Cookware (Blenders)

Personal Care and Electricity Covers (Sockets)

Industrial (Construction Parts, Toys, Civil Works, Railway)

Biodegradable NF Compounds (For Gardening, Waterworks and Coastal Erosion)